Features-Loaded Restaurant Billing Software driveIN

Put an end to food waste and increase productivity.

Optimize your restaurant's workflow.

driveIN, Restaurant POS software that handles everything from billing and accounting to inventory and recipe management. We know how hard it is to manage a restaurant, and we're here to help.

Stay on top of your kitchen with a system that's full-featured and time-saving.

The restaurant POS with kitchen display system, order tracking, dine-in, takeaways, table management, saves you time and money by automating many tedious tasks like replenishing ingredients from supplier sites or posting recipes for staff to see those being prepared now or later in the day.

Increase productivity

Drivein is the only restaurant management software that does everything you need to take control of your business. It's beautifully designed, easy to use, and powerful enough to eliminate the headaches that come with managing food inventory and staff.

Eliminate waste.

You can't control what you don't measure, and measuring is a HUGE part of decreasing waste--especially in a restaurant. That's why we designed driveIN to provide a streamlined process that helps you cut down on waste, pilferage and losses.


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Cloud-based restaurant billing software, and more.

Track live sales metrics from anywhere. Being a cloud system, you can also change the setup and prices remotely.

    ➔ Post-Payment & Prepayment Support
    ➔ Realtime Running Orders List
    ➔ Running Order Modification
    ➔ Running Order Cancellation
    ➔ KOT Print/Kitchen Update for only Modified Items
    ➔ Order Types : Dine IN, Take Away, Delivery
    ➔ Service / Delivery Charges option
    ➔ Table with Time Tracking for Dine In Order
    ➔ Instant Item Search ( Code/Name/Category/Beverages/Veg Item/Bar Item )
    ➔ Most Selling Items appears first on sale page
    ➔ Print KOT ( If intend to not to use Kitchen Panel )
    ➔ Notification & Connection with Kitchen / Bar Panel
    ➔ Cooking Progress check for Kitchen / Bar
    ➔ In-Progress items count show in Running Orders
    ➔ Item modifier with price
    ➔ Item Notes
    ➔ Discount on Total, by Item, by fixed or percentage
    ➔ Instant Customer Add Option
    ➔ Hold Sale
    ➔ Purchase +
    ➔ Sale Consumption -
    ➔ Sale Modifier Consumption -
    ➔ Waste -
    ➔ Adjustment +/-
    ➔ = Inventory
    ➔ Alert Inventory & Low Stock
    ➔ Inventory Valuation
    ➔ Purchase with Supplier Management
    ➔ Purchase with Due
    ➔ Purchase with Current Price

Its a mobile responsive! Take your sales pipeline with you so you never miss important daily activities. Access your orders and sales register at all times. Be confident in knowing the full history of a deal before you step foot into an important meeting.

Paperless and hassle-free Kitchen Management Software with item statuses ranging from "order received" to "delivered."

Manage table and kitchen orders.

➔ Total Customers, Ingredients, Food Items, Employees
➔ Quick links
➔ DINE IN / Take Away
➔ Summary of Purchase, Sale, Supplier Due Payment
➔ Expense / Waste Loss
➔ Low Stock ingredients
➔ Top 10 Food Menus
➔ Top 10 Customers
➔ Supplier Payables
➔ Customers Receivables
➔ Monthly Sale Comparison Charts

➔ Bar Screen for Bars
➔ In-Progress & Order Ready Status
➔ Order Ready notification on Sales Point

➔ Kitchen Screen for Chef
➔ Only Kitchen Item goes to Kitchen
➔ In-Progress & Order Ready Status
➔ Order Ready notification on Sales Point
➔ Item wise Order status change for dine in
➔ Order wise status change for take away and dine in

➔ Set Register Opening Balance
➔ Auto Calculate Register closing Balance
➔ Register Report

➔ Bulk Upload Ingredients
➔ Bulk Upload Food Menus
➔ Bulk Upload Food Menus Ingredients / Recipes
➔ Bulk Upload Customer

➔ 2 Digit Precision Support for Amount & Price

Protect your inventory from stealing or misusing.

From marketing to sales, customer service, and business analysis, an integrated platform allows you to establish a customer-centered business.

    ➔ Ingredient wise Waste Tracking
    ➔ Food Menu wise Waste Tracking
    ➔ Deduct waste from inventory
    ➔ Loss Calculation & Impact in Profit & Loss
    ➔ Tag Responsible Person
    ➔ Purchase in Due
    ➔ Tracking Supplier Due Payment
    ➔ Supplier Due Report
    ➔ Supplier Login
    ➔ Sale in Due
    ➔ Tracking Customer Due Payment
    ➔ Customer Due Report
    ➔ Customer Ledger
    ➔ Change price in Purchase
    ➔ Only Real time price is considered for calculating profit & loss
    ➔ Master Price for Help
    ➔ Table Selection for Dine IN Orders
    ➔ Table Time Tracking
    ➔ Restrict Table Selection on ongoing order table
    ➔ Define Recipe in Food Profile
    ➔ Ingredient inventory will auto reduce when sale a food
    ➔ Just need to sue when physical inventory mismatches with the software
    ➔ Record Expenses
    ➔ Check Expense reports
    ➔ Expenses will reflect on calculation of Profit / Loss

It is print ready with all your company information, logo, gst details. So you can print and share with your customer.

With just a few clicks you can view a customer statement with all its pending bills or balances if any confusion. 

Retain happy customers with restaurant pos system and increase your customer loyalty with SMS on Birthdays & Anniversary

Get instant reports on best-selling and non-moving dishes through Kitchen Order Tracking.

    ➔ Employee Management
    ➔ Attendance Tracking
    ➔ Attendance Reports
  • SMS
    ➔ SMS Invoice
    ➔ SMS customers on their Birthday & Anniversary
    ➔ Send SMS to all customers
    ➔ Sum of Sale
    ➔ Sum of Purchase
    ➔ Sum of Expenses
    ➔ Sum of Waste Loss
    ➔ Sum of Supplier Payment & Sum of Customer Receive
    ➔ Daily Summary Report
    ➔ Register Report
    ➔ Daily Summary Report
    ➔ Food Sale Report
    ➔ Consumption Report
    ➔ Inventory Report
    ➔ Low Inventory Report
    ➔ Profit/Loss Report
    ➔ Kitchen Performance Report
    ➔ GST/VAT Report
    ➔ Supplier Due Report
    ➔ Customer Due Report
    ➔ Supplier Ledger
    ➔ Customer Ledger
    ➔ Sale Report
    ➔ Purchase Report
    ➔ Expense Report
    ➔ Waste Report
    ➔ GST Compliant
    ➔ VAT Compliant


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Billing is the backbone of a restaurant's operations. It assists a restaurant owner in tracking sales and managing inventory so that supplies are not depleted and needless stock items are not purchased.

  • A Restaurant POS for all Food Servers & Bakers | Cafe | Tea House | Coffee Shop | Bakery & Confectionery | Cake Shop | Savouries & Snacks | Sweet Shop | Restaurant | Barbecue | BBQ | Biryani Shop | Buffet | Drive In Cafe | Self Serving | Bistro Burger | Sandwich Points | Cafeteria | Canteen | Chaat Stall’s | Delivery & Take Away Outlets | Food Truck | Street Food | Catering Business | Cloud Kitchen Providers | Desserts & Cake Shops | Food Court | Icecream Parlor | Juice Shop | Pizza Point | Multi-chain Franchise Restaurants | Multi-Outlet Restaurant |

  • Yes, by using a CSV you can import the data as per the format given.

  • Yes, self demo is also available which can be accessible by clicking demo link. Also we would be happy to demonstrate through a web-conference at your convenience.To schedule your personal session, please contact connect@purshology.com

  • Do you charge monthly or yearly?

    It is a pay-as-you-go service (yearly), so you can make changes to your plan whenever you need to.

  • Is my data safe?

    We’re fervent about keeping your data safe and secure.